Monday, February 24, 2014

FET Update

So originally my FET was supposed to be scheduled for March 6, which, holy cow, would already practically be here.  But because I wanted to talk to my physician and double-check everything, I had to wait until Feb. 12 to have my phone consult with him.   I also was waiting on my period which took longer than I expected, but I guess your body is all screwed up after being on so many meds for so long.  I also had to have a follow-up mammogram, which I had that done last Monday and we are good to go there!

 When I finally talked to my RE he reassured me that our two frozen embryos were really beautiful ones. He said he was sorry that our first egg donor cycle didn't work. I asked what else should we be doing to be sure this next attempt works?  I want to know that we have done everything to make sure that they will stick once they are put in.  We have never had any stick! 

My main concern is that I have a uterine fibroid that has grown from around 7 cm to over 9 cm from last summer until my monitoring in November before our fresh -egg donor cycle.  They have never said that it is a problem and have never recommended to have it removed.  But when I asked about it this time, he agreed with me that we should check into having it removed first.  So, I was happy that he listened to me but now I'm like, crap, how long will this take?  Course now I have to go through my ob-gyn's office.

I immediately called my ob-gyn and left an extensively long message for her with someone who probably has no idea what I'm talking about.  It can be difficult to try to coordinate between the RE and your ob-gyn I've noticed. Office assistants don't know infertility- talk necessarily.   I finally heard back from her a week later (I will say it was the sudden 13" snowstorm that interrupted normal office activities) and they mailed me the 'scrip to go get an ultrasound.  The paper says 'pelvic prn' which just looks dirty to me.  Anyway, because the radiology office takes forever to try and talk to someone for an appointment I emailed the request and am now waiting on them to call with my appointment.  I normally try to schedule appointments after work but if that ends up making me wait weeks and weeks then I will just miss a day of work to get the soonest appointment possible. 

In my head I want to make sure that we are doing everything we can to ensure things are good down there before we 'spend' our frozen embryos.  What if this is the one thing?  What if the previous ones would have worked had we addressed this sooner?  I can't let myself play that game.  The only thing I can address is this moment right now.

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