TTC Journey

Trying to Conceive - Where we've been

July 2010  DH and I happily get married.  Neither one of us has been married before     and we've never had any children.  He is 44 and I am 38.

March 2011  After TTC on our own for 8 months, DH and I go to begin testing at our RE's office.  Results show DH has low morphology and motility.  My only issue is my age, 39.

May 2011  We complete our first IUI and get a BFN.

July 2011  Our second IUI attempt and another BFN.  RE recommends IVF.

October -November 2011  IVF # 1 attempt is unsuccessful.  I produced 4 eggs, 2 fertilized and only 1 was left for a 3 day transfer.

February 2012  IVF # 2 attempt is also unsuccessful.  Used accupuncture this time.  Again, there were 4 eggs retrieved, 2 fertilized and we transferred both of them, again a 3 day transfer.  BFN and this one was pretty devastating for me.

April 2012   IVF # 3 is our moment of desperation as this is the last procedure that our insurance will cover.  At the retrieval there was only 1 egg.  It didn't fertilize.  I didn't even get to the transfer.  Nothing.  It feels like the end of the road.

May 2012   At the traditional WTF meeting with my RE after a failed procedure, he suggested using a donor egg and that we had much better odds at being successful than using my own eggs.  I took the folder home and put it with my other files.  I vaguely remember him mentioning this to us once before during one of the earlier ivf appointments.  

June 2012   I painted the room that was supposed to be our nursery and decorated it finally as a welcoming guest room.  Moving on with our lives.

February 2013  I read Silent Sorority by Pamela Mahoney Tsigdinos during the dark, bleak days of February when DH was working extra hours and I had a lot of empty time on my hands.  I cried and cried and grieved the loss of the child we would never have.  My own biological child that would never be. 

April 2013   I saw someone's post about it being National Infertility Awareness Week and went back to the website of my fertility clinic.  They were hosting a Donor Egg seminar the following weekend.  I was now ready to pursue this.  DH had been all along but was waiting on me.  We went and won the $10,000 drawing to help go to donor egg.  This was the sign I needed that this was the right choice for us.  

May 2013  I opened the folder.  We began the required tests, counseling and attending DE recipient support groups which were extremely helpful.  

August 2013  Successfully completed our mock cycle and now waiting on DH to say that our finances were ready for the down payment.  Began birth control pills.

October 2013  Began searching for our donor.  Spent about 2 weeks searching through our clinics' database finally selected one.  She looked enough like me as a child that I was very pleased.  The other recipient picked her the very next day, so we were lucky we didn't have to wait long.  Paid our bill!

December 2013  Donor cycle.  Our donor had 9 eggs retrieved, 7 fertilized, 1 was transferred and 2 made it to freeze.  Our cycle didn't work however.  Test was negative.


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