Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring Break!

It is amazing how just having a little sunshine, a few warmer days (until the past few) and some time to myself can really make a difference in my spirit!  I just felt like a huge weight lifted off of me once the flowers started blooming and the cloudy days disappeared.  Combined with finishing my third quarter grading and now starting our last quarter of the year and yes, finally a week off to myself... wow!  I am golden!

We decided not to travel anywhere this year and I am grateful for some much needed time to myself.  So is my house which definitely needed some TLC.  I don't know what happens but I utterly neglect certain aspects of house-cleaning between my breaks off from school.  Even during all of those snow days, I usually ended up doing grading rather than taking care of cleaning.  Anyway, I can tell just decluttering and doing a little cleaning (and even a little painting this weekend) makes such a difference in my mood.  I am so grateful for the breaks that teachers get from time to time.

The thing though with spring break is that it makes me so long for summer!  Bring it on!!!

We had our appointment with my ob-gyn last week and we decided all together that we should pursue removing my largest uterine fibroid which is embedded into the muscle of the uterine wall.  She referred me to two specialists and I have an appt with one on April 28 and am hoping to get in with the other one soon.  The pursued treatment will be having a myomectomy which is laparascopic and hopefully will result in a shorter recovery.   Of course this depends on what the specialists think too.  Because of where it is, she said that I could still have a healthy pregnancy without removing it, but her concern is that if they needed to do a C-section, it could be very risky because of its location.  That was all I needed to hear.  I hope to have a healthy pregnancy someday still and even better, save my uterus to possibly have another later down the road.  One can keep dreaming!

It was the first time that my DH met my ob-gyn.  He has always been a part of the team at my fertility clinic and ever present at most of those appointments, but this was new territory bringing him down these very female halls.  It felt really good having the conversation with the three of us.  I think he liked my doctor a great deal and it felt solid making the decision together as a team.

Has anyone else had this procedure?  What was your experience?

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